Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Use Social Media to Make a College Connection

Are you interested in going to college?  Are you familiar with popular social media outlets, such as Facebook or Twitter?  If your answer is yes to any one of these questions, you may want to consider using social media to get connected with your favorite colleges and universities.  According to Kaplan’s Test Prep’s 2012 Survey of College Admissions Officers, the majority of higher learning institutions across the country are using social media to help them recruit prospective students.  In fact, 76% of the admissions officers polled report they are using Twitter to help them collect and publish information vital to the admissions process.  Even more astounding, 87% of admissions officers report they are using Facebook to help them recruit and to learn more about potential students.  So why not get connected?  The benefits may include learning whether or not a school is a good fit for you.  If you are already a Facebook or Twitter user, it is also very important to be aware that 35% of the college admissions officers surveyed reported having discovered something about an applicant that negatively impacted their application.
So, are you still wondering when your top schools are offering their next big event for prospective students?  Get connected and the information will come directly to you.  The more you know about a college or university and what it offers academically, socially, and financially, the better informed you will be. This also helps you set and manage realistic expectations concerning the school that you ultimately choose.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

One School, One Goal, Bully and Drug Free

Last week, Memorial High School’s Student Council is sponsored a door decorating contest.  All homerooms or student groups were welcomed to participate. The theme was One School, One Goal, Bully and Drug Free and as you can see, many teachers and students got involved!  The decorated doors helped relay a powerful message throughout the school. 

Evening Office Hours

The Guidance Department at Memorial High School will be having Evening Office Hours on Wednesday, November 13th from 5:30 – 7:00 pm.  Evening hours are a service provided by Millville High School Counseling to assist parents who otherwise might not be able to meet with a counselor.  They are optional and to participate you need to call for an appointment. The location for the evening hour appointments will be at Millville Senior High on Wade Blvd. Please call 327-6083 (Memorial) or 327-6055 (Sr. High) for an appointment if you would like to meet with a counselor.